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Saryna Key Damage Repair Leave In Moisturizer 300ml

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Hair type: Dry, damaged, split ends Care: African Shea oil is produced from Shea nut butter, a natural source of keratin that coats the hair and imparts softness, flexibility and brilliant shine. A high concentration of exceptional ingredients including vitamins, silk proteins and amino acids penetrate the follicle, restoring damaged hair from root to end. This remarkable oil is easily absorbed and does not leave a greasy residue. Results: Initial application will create brilliant shine and leave hair feeling soft and manageable. Continued use will nourish, hydrate, strengthen and return vitality to dry damaged hair.



Hair Type‭: ‬Dry‭, ‬broken and damaged hair‭. Care‭: ‬The Nourishing Butter for Dry Hair is composed from a formula containing high concentrations of Shea Nut Butter‭, ‬natural keratin‭, ‬softening ingredients and silk which smooth the hair and protect if from climate damages and from damages stemmingfrom the use of chemicals‭. ‬This product does not leave an oily residue in the hair and was developed especially to moisturize and introduce extra flexibility to the hair‮ ‬ The result‭: ‬The use of Nourishing Butter improves the appearance of the hair beyond recognition‭, ‬seals split ends‭, ‬smoothes and softens the hair and safeguards the cosmetic pigments in the hair‭. ‬‮ ‬ Directions of use‭: ‬Apply the nourishing butter to clean‭, ‬towel dried or dry hair‭, ‬spread evenly and style as desired‭.‬