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Reva Aloe Vera Hard Wax 1kg

SKU: R016

Hot/Hard Creamy Wax 1 Litre



Aloe Vera Hot/Hard Clear Wax 1 Litre “Aloe Vera … cool, steady and unpretentious blend” Maintaining a consistent waxing regime will result in softer hair regrowth and improve comfort during hair removal. Minimising the potential for ingrown hairs is important and exfoliating the treatment area regularly, applying a post wax oil or lotion after waxing, will minimise discomfort and redness. Ultra XXX Ultra sensitive Ultra strong Once wax is melted it becomes translucent. Application: Place wax in a wax pot and heat to the desired temperature and consistency. ALWAYS test wax for the correct temperature and comfort by placing a small amount on the back of the wrist. NEVER apply heated wax to the treatment area before checking for the desired temperature. Using a spatula, APPLY a thick coat to the skin treatment area. Allow to set then quickly pull the wax away from the skin removing unwanted hair. DO NOT apply wax over moles, cuts or broken skin. Colour may vary.