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Easy Off Overlay Gel 50G

SKU: KEY 56130

EASY OFF OVERLAY GEL, Soaks off in acetone. 50g





Easy off gel is a natural nail overlay gel that has great flexibility, shine and adhesion. It adds strength to the natural nails, allowing them to grow. Unlike traditional UV gels, Easy off Gel can be soaked off in acetone for easy removal.



NAIL PREPERATION: Apply a coat of Nail Prep to natural nails to dehydrate the nail plate. For best results, follow with a layer of primer and allow product to dry for approximately 30 seconds (product will remain tacky).


GEL APPLICATION: Using a gel brush, apply a thin, even layer of the easy off gel starting at the cuticle and extending toward the tip of the nail. Cover entire nail bed being careful to avoid running the gel into the cuticle area. Place nails into appropriate light and cure for between 1 – 3 minutes. If desired, repeat gel addition for additional strength. Finish by removing the tacky layer with wiping solution.


TO REMOVE EASY OFF GEL: Soak nails in acrylic remover with lanolin. Remove fingers every 4-5 minutes and file the dissolved gel off the surface, being careful not to file the natural nail. Repeat soaking until gel is completely removed.



Remove as instructed, prying gels off the natural nails will result in nail damage. Do not expose to light or excessive heat. Use only as directed.