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Dolce Luxury Powders


Translucent, silky powders add just a hint of warmth with golden to bronze undertones. Ben Nye’s MediaPROâ„¢ Camel Luxury Powder is a translucent, silky powder with just a hint of warmth with golden to bronze undertones. Mojave Luxury Powders set foundation, reduce shine, and enhance olive and brown skin tones without a hint of chalkiness. Expect 50-125 applications per 1.5 oz. MediaPRO is Ben Nye’s global makeup collection for film, fashion, bridal, theatre and HD broadcast.



Translucent, silky powders add just a hint of warmth with golden to bronze undertones. Ben Nye Dolce Mojave Luxury Powder is a translucent, silky powder that adds just a hint of warmth of golden to bronze undertones. Perfect for women of color. BEN NYE IS professional MAKEUP. Expect 50-125 applications per a 1.5 oz. Due to variations in monitor settings, colors may not be accurately represented. We are an authorized Ben Nye Dealer and all our products come direct from the manufacturer. Ben Nye Loose Powders are divided into 2 main categories: Classic & Luxury (Luxury is split into 2 series) which sometimes appear as 3 categories but I worked it out and it’s basically just the two. CLASSIC TRANSLUCENT POWDERS LUXURY POWDERS BELLA – for lighter shades MOJAVE – for darker shades They come in 3 sizes: 1.5oz/ 42gm sifter bottle 3.0oz/ 85gm sifter bottle 8oz/ 226gm jar no sifter Ben Nye Classic Translucent Powders are silky translucent shades that provide a matte finish with just a hint of colour. They retain the intensity of bright and dark shades. Special makeup formula controls perspiration, making this perfect for high energy performers such as clowns or dancers. Ben Nye Luxury Powders formally known as Visage Poudre Luxury powder and is an ultra neutral powder which provide superior matte and subtle finishing. Often compared to French powders with silky-fine textures. They are micro-milled loose powders in Bella Series for light-medium skintones and the Mojave Series for medium-dark skintones with a hint of colour. But what’s the difference? Both are transparent powders; The Classic Translucent Face Powders are much more opaque and I’d say heavier. The Luxury Face Powders are more finely milled and sheer. This my dears is the BIG DIFFERENCE. The Classic range is used for professional application – think theatrical/performance/movie makeup so you wouldn’t want to wear them in real life or everyday (you can if you want); where as the Luxury range is slightly understated making them suitable for special occasions, photo shoots or bridal and even wearable for every day if you apply them correctly and lightly, they therefore give you the staying power, flawlessness and results of a professional application.