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Diet Esthetic Pearl Cream 50Ml

SKU: A50048

Medium Protection. Illuminates and unifies the skin tone. Moisturizes in depth. Revitalizes, regenerates and reduces wrinkles. Instructions for use: Apply in the morning on the face and neck making sure your skin is clean and dry. Spread with soft circular massages to promote better penetration of the cream. Its texture and perfume will provide a pleasant feeling of comfort and wellbeing, without leaving any unsightly shiny patches on your skin. Cosmetic product for external use. Not tested on animals. Keep out of reach of children. Does not contain parabens. Its perfume does not contain allergens. Contents 50 ml.



DIET ESTHETIC PEARL WHITENING & ANTI-AGEING FACE CREAM SPF 15 50ML Description: Natural pearl powder has the virtue of restoring luminosity and tonicity, smoothing wrinkles, eliminating toxins and roughness from the skin as well as marks; it has been used by both men and women in traditional Chinese medicine for more than 2000 years. The daily use of micro pearl powder, by means of its participation in the metabolism, improves immunity, accelerates the growth of new cells which make the skin smoother, more elastic (anti-age action); favouring the elimination of roughness and cutaneous toxins (whitening and anti-mark action); and together with the other active principles, restores youthfulness and luminosity to the facial and neck skin, naturally without being aggressive. Oils obtained from Rosehip, squalane and Shea Butter, guarantee that the product does not contain any mineral oils in its composition and for this reason does not make the skin at all greasy, thanks to its high penetration capacity. The moisturizing factors will protect your skin all day long; the resulting silky skin effect is lasting and is noticeable from the first application, and its delicate perfume will remind you that the micro pearl continues to act on your skin. How to use: The daily use of micro pearl powder is a UNISEX product ideal for all skin types as a moisturizing cream base anti-age during the day. Especially recommended for mature skins. The sun protection factor 15 medium protection, complies with EU/Colipa, US FDA, Australian Standard normative and the Colipa recommendations(UVA protection),and together with Tocopherol (a potent natural antioxidant ),vitamins pertaining to B,E,A and F groups, protect the skin from premature ageing due to UVA and UVB radiation.